Chin Up and Pull Up Tips

Tips for Doing Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups Correctly

We’ve all hear it before: “no pain, no gain,” so they say. However, that phrase is a little misleading in that you could be experiencing all pain and no gain if you don’t execute exercises using the right form.

Not only does not using the proper technique put you at risk for a world of hurt muscles, tendons, and bones, but it can also prevent you from achieving muscle development, let alone even muscle development all over your body.

Keep yourself happy, healthy, and safe by following the best procedure for exercises. Learn more about doing chin-ups and pull-ups correctly below!

The Correct Method for Doing Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups The Right Way

Start by making sure that wherever you decide to do your exercising, you’re using an object that can safely hold your body weight, that is able to be grasped, and that is located at a level above your head and parallel to the ground. Pull-up bars at home or the gym, both in the permanent and portable-doorway varieties, are the most ideal to use, though you can improvise depending on your surroundings.

Begin your technique by deciding whether you will do pull-ups or chin-ups. Chin-ups are generally considered easier to begin with, as they rely on your biceps more than your back strength, unlike pull-ups.

The key difference will be in your hand and arm placement. To do chin-ups the right way, you should have your palms facing you and your arms less than shoulder-width apart, with your elbows pointed to your sides. For doing pull-ups the right way, place your palms facing away from you, gripping at shoulder-width or wider apart with your elbows pointing forward in front of you.

After deciding which technique you’ll focus on, hang with your arms straight and inhale. Keep your shoulders down and back throughout. Your legs should be slightly bent, and your feet should be crossed, allowing you to rely on your upper-body strength. Squeezing your glutes will also help you execute your lift.

Once you have the bar at eye-level, exhale, then release and begin the sequence again. Eye-level will give you the same benefits as pulling your chin over the bar, which you can work on over time.

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