Raise Your Game

The Center for Athletic Performance & Physical Therapy is the first place athletes turn to when they are looking for professional sports performance training in Cave Creek. The safety and health of our clients are at the forefront of everything we do as we work to help them meet their individual goals. All personal training sessions are delivered in an exciting way that is meant to motivate and challenge athletes to improve on the areas where they already feel strong and develop those areas where they may show some weakness.

Our staff is experienced in working with athletes of all ages and varying skill levels. We strive to help every client, whether part of our youth sports training programs or any other program, reach a potential they never knew existed so they can turn into the type of the athlete they desire to be. If you want a results-driven team that will support and guide you in accomplishing your physical and mental challenges, you will find that and much more at the Center.

Services Provided

We are proud to offer an unparalleled level of sports training at the Center. We have a variety of programs that are all designed to focus on key components of competitive performance and enable athletes to address strength, speed, stamina, flexibility, and more. Whether you’re in a youth sports league or you’re a seasoned athlete, you will benefit from all that our workout programs entail.

Our main sports training services include team performance, youth sports training, sport specific training, personal training sessions, strength and conditioning, and agility and speed. However, we also have summer programs, nutrition plans, injury prevention education, and adult fitness classes for our clients to take advantage of.

What Makes Us the Top Choice for Cave Creek Sports Training?

The Center has a top-notch team of trainers that is continuously progressing in their knowledge of industry tips and techniques so they can provide athletes with the best results possible. Our Cave Creek sports training facility combines world-class equipment with proven training methods for explosive outcomes.

At the Center for Athletic Performance & Physical Therapy you will not only elevate your game, but also give your quality of life a major boost. Our philosophy is to produce strong and healthy athletes that not only excel in training, but also dominate when faced with competition. Your Cave Creek sports training experience will leave you with newfound confidence that you can conquer whatever you may face out on the court or field.