How to Ease Back into Working Out

There are times when we establish a workout routine that we are really excited about. It is not difficult to hit this regimen hard for a few weeks or months, but most of us have run into difficulty when it comes to maintaining a good routine for many months or years. Whether you are hampered… Read More

Top Tips for Training for a 5K

Completing a run of any distance can go a long way in helping us feel accomplished and good about ourselves, and a 5K is a great way to accomplish this! While this is not quite a 26-mile marathon, it is a good idea to do a little training before your 5K so you can finish… Read More

5 Exercises to Improve Forearm Strength

There are small things in life we never appreciate until they are causing us pain or gone forever: our childhood, lower gas prices, and the strength we once had in our forearms! Weak or injured forearms can be career enders in the sports world or make office work impossible to complete in the business world,… Read More

Avoiding Groin Strains When Playing Sports

The groin is one of the unsung heroes of the muscle groups. It is an area that we seldom think about until we strain it. It is crucial in almost every single sport that you can fathom, and as such, we need to take special care in taking care of this area. There are many… Read More

5 Exercises to Build Strength and Agility

The best exercises are those that do not simply focus on building muscle, but increase the agility and explosiveness with which you use them. Working on both of these facets of your fitness is the surest way to maintain a healthy body and drastically increase your performance in future activities. The following are some of… Read More

Top Ways to Improve Running Speed

It is a common notion to assume that people are as fast as they are and there is nothing they can do about it. While it is true that some people are more genetically favored to be faster, there are certainly many ways that anyone can greatly improve the speed at which they run; they… Read More

5 Ways to Make Sure You Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

A new year is rolling around again, and for many of us, that means it is time to renew our commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The holidays often come with some breakdowns in healthy eating habits, so now is the best time to recommit to ourselves. A huge part of this is establishing and… Read More

Top Ways to Avoid Groin Strains

The groin is a crucial muscle group for a wide variety of exercises and things we do every day. It is easy to take this essential part of the body for granted, but nothing brings your attention to its importance like a groin strain. The good news is there are so many simple ways that… Read More

Top 5 Foods for a Healthy Lifestyle

It is widely known that vegetables are vital to a healthy diet by providing clean nutrients and energy. However, many people still wonder what specific foods to eat to lead a healthier lifestyle. While the list of healthy foods is endless, there are a few key foods that will help maintain great health. The following… Read More

How to Avoid Repeat Injuries After Recovery

Permanent damage and career-ending injuries are an athlete’s biggest fear. Even after the healing of an injury, the apprehension still remains. The injured area can stay weak long after resuming athletic activity, which can result in a reoccurrence of damage. The certified and trained staff at Center for Athletic Performance and Physical Therapy recognize the… Read More