Ankle Injuries and Prevention

Every human body is different. The body reacts to different stimuli in an abundance of ways. This is especially true when applied to an extremely complex and intricate part of the body such as the ankle. The subtle and significant differences in an ankle go a long way in creating a wide spectrum of reactions… Read More

Training in the Arizona Heat: 5 Tips to Stay Safe

Arizona is known for its beautiful deserts and lots of hiking trails that are perfect for all fitness levels. However, the summer season brings oppressive heat that consistently stays in the triple digits and can even reach up to 120+ degrees! Although it may be a “dry heat,” these temperatures can still be dangerous. If… Read More

Hydration Tips During Training: Why Water Isn’t Always Enough

Exercise and proper hydration go hand in hand, as your body cannot perform to its full potential while dehydrated. Although you may know that you need to drink water, you may not be drinking the right amounts at the right times in order to get the best performance out of your body. Also, it is… Read More

Knee Injuries: Best Way to Prevent Them

The knees are one of many unsung heroes of our body; we rely on them every time we move our legs. Naturally, this means keeping our knees healthy is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, it also means our knees are constantly at risk due to the literal weight they bear. These range from the dreaded torn… Read More

5 Tips for Avoiding Back Injuries

Everyone knows that it is important to work out and stay fit in order to live longer and stay healthy. However, if you are prone to back injuries or have had back injuries in the past, you have to be careful during your workouts in order to avoid injury. Luckily, there are several things you… Read More

5 Weightlifting Safety Tips You Should Never Ignore

Never take the phrase “no pain, no gain” at face value—pain while weightlifting is a red flag that you’re doing something wrong. And if you hurt yourself while weightlifting, you’ll not only set yourself back in strength training, you’ll also be more susceptible to injury in the same area. To avoid this, make sure you follow… Read More

5 Tips for Children’s Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is normally thought to help recover from injury or strengthen muscles that are underdeveloped. While this thought is not wrong, there are many more uses for physical therapy. At Rebuilding Champions, we have started our Pediatric Sports Therapy program to help kids develop their muscles, develop body awareness and increase their control of… Read More

5 Tips to Improve Your Baseball Fitness for Spring Training

Baseball season is almost here! Are you ready for it? If the answer is no, let us help you get back into the swing of things. Here are five tips that will improve your baseball fitness for this spring training season! Batting Utilize the Medicine Ball Rotational Recoiled Shot Put Exercise to train for batting…. Read More

Go Far with Golf Lessons at the Center for Athletics

It’s easy to love golf—it’s a straightforward game that provides continuous challenge to amateurs and experts alike. It’s meeting that challenge that inspires so many athletes to practice whenever they can. But, no matter how much you practice, you won’t improve if there’s a fundamental flaw in your technique. That’s where golf lessons come in…. Read More

The Importance of Pacing Yourself During Your Workout

It’s easy to get excited about the start of a new workout routine. All the before and after pictures that can be found on the internet make you eager to get the ball rolling and get to your own after pic, and you find yourself waking up before the alarm goes off, downing that protein… Read More