Improved your fitness

October 25th signifies the start of the NBA basketball season. Are you ready to play? Basketball is exciting and fun to play and watch, but it is also a sport that uses more muscle groups than you may have anticipated! You still have a few weeks before the season starts, but now is the time to start preparing your body for the grueling season ahead, and we have compiled a list of five exercises that will have your body in tip top shape when it is time to hit the courts!

Improving Your Vertical Jump

Jumping is very important in basketball and uses a very specific muscle group. To improve the height of your vertical jump, you need to work on the associated muscles; your calves, hamstrings, and glutes need to be strong. Squat exercises work best, including jump squats and squat raises to armpit. Strengthening your legs with any single-legged exercises also helps.


Agility matters, and while agility drills can seem boring and repetitive, they can be an immense help in improving your game day performance. The four best known agility drills are the super shuttle, weave in/weave out, shuttle with passes, and the box drill. And remember, the repetitions are making you strong!


Power needs no explanation. Without it, you will never be more than a mediocre player. Here are some exercises that will increase your power and performance on the court: basketball plyo push-ups, medicine ball wall throws, medicine ball rotational side wall throws, medicine ball slams, and medicine ball squat throws. The medicine ball squat throws serve to help in your vertical jump as well!


Strength and endurance is necessary in any sport, but in basketball it is of utmost importance. Weight training works to build that strength. Try the barbell curl & press, dumb bell step-ups, and close-grip bench presses, and feel your body grow stronger each day!


Remember the torturous suicide sprints that would leave you in a quivering heap after practice in high school? Believe it or not, suicides are still the best option for getting you in tip top condition for basketball, with many variations of the basic suicides helping. The sprint/free throw challenge, dribble suicide drill, and full-court dribble to layup/jump shot are all variations of the suicides that help get you in top condition.

Rebuilding Champions

Whether you want to get in shape for the upcoming NBA season, are just looking for a few ways to improve your sports skills, or are trying to recuperate from a sports related injury, we are here to help you be the best athlete you can be. Give us a call today and discover what all we can do for you!