Below is Part Two of Maguire’s experience (from his parents’ perspective) for the USA Baseball team tryouts in North Carolina:

Maguire Peterson

The trip to NC was fantastic and Maguire did great. He was on Team USA Mountain West that went 3 and 0 blowing out the competition. The games, however, were played to evaluate players and watch them try to play in all the positions. This gave Maguire a chance to play in positions he never got to in the past, which was a lot of fun for him. They played three, nine inning games over the weekend. They were also timed in the 40-yard dash and the shuttle run, had a fielding evaluation and took batting practice on a big field with seven different coaches looking at them swing, which was a very intimidating experience for all the kids.

During one of the nights they had a symposium, where several players and coaches talked about baseball and the importance of playing for Team USA. They spoke about how the top 200 kids in 12 regions, in every age group, were there and how it is an accomplishment in itself, which put things into perspective for all the players. They also mentioned how a bunch of MLB guys, like Mike Trout and Prince Fielder, didn’t make Team USA, but still went on to be great players. They definitely motivated the kids to work hard and love the game.

Over all it was a great experience for Maguire. His favorite moments were playing the games, seeing all the great talent around him and competing against some great players. He also enjoyed meeting new friends who also love the game of baseball. He thought the USA complex was cool and the team store had some really neat stuff in it.

Even though he didn’t make the cut,  all of us at the Center and Maguire’s friends and family are very proud of him and this will be memorable experience we will ALL never forget!