Wrist Extensor and Flexor Stretch

The realization of how important wrists are to every day activity does not usually come until they sustain some kind of injury. It is imperative to take care of wrists to keep them healthy and strong for years to come. Whether rehabbing an injured wrist or to strengthening them to prevent potential injury, exercising the wrists will help immensely. Below are some of the best exercises for maintaining and gaining wrist strength.

Wrist Extensor and Flexor Stretch

For the extensor stretch, hold an arm parallel to the floor, twisted so the fingers are pointing straight down at the ground. Use the other hand to grab the fingers and gently pull them in towards the body to feel a mild stretch in the forearm. Repeat this same motion except this time, point the fingers at the ceiling for the flexor stretch. This improves the flexibility of the muscles surrounding the wrist and the tendons and ligaments within the wrist.

Resistance Wrist Extension and Flexion

Start by wrapping a resistance band around the hand, then ball the hand into a fist around the band. Get into the starting position with the arm at the side, elbow bent at 90 degrees, and palm facing down. Simply flex the forearm muscles by curling the wrist up. Do 10 to 15 reps of this on each wrist. In order to do the flexion, just twist the wrist 180 degrees so the palms are facing up.
This exercise is incredible for the wrists because it strengthens the muscles that make up the wrist, while also increasing the flexibility of the tendons and ligaments. Additionally, it goes a long way in strengthening the muscles of the hand and forearm, which are essential in countless wrist maneuvers.


This movement can be performed with any spherical object. However, a tennis ball will be best due to its elasticity. Hold the ball in the hand and squeeze as hard as possible for 5 to 10 second periods. This strengthening exercise prepares the wrist for many different tasks.
Making these exercises a part of a daily routine will aid in injury prevention, recovery and overall wrist health.