man doing a stretching exercise on the floor

The groin is one of the unsung heroes of the muscle groups. It is an area that we seldom think about until we strain it. It is crucial in almost every single sport that you can fathom, and as such, we need to take special care in taking care of this area. There are many ways to strain the groin, but there are equally many ways to take steps to avoid such an injury. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to avoid straining this muscle group while you are playing sports.

It All Starts with Stretching

Stretching may not be our favorite activity, but it is the most important step in reducing your likelihood of straining your groin when playing sports. But it is not simply about stretching for a few minutes before you begin playing any given sport. If you want to be serious, you should be adhering to a stretching regimen every day. It does not have to be crazy—just a few movements to lightly loosen up the groin and build upon the progress of the day before. There are many good stretches for the groin, but one of the easiest and most popular is the “butterfly stretch.” While sitting down, you put the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall out wide. Simply sitting in this position lightly stretches the groin, but you can increase the intensity by lightly pushing the knees down and/or bringing the feet closer to the pelvis.

Gradually Increase the Intensity with Which You Play

Let’s say you are taking up a new sport. The first time you play, you should not be going all out as if you are in the Super Bowl and your whole career has led to this moment. Overexertion is a very common cause for injury, especially to the groin. So, what is the solution? Start off easy and bring up the intensity and duration of your play gradually.

Stay Hydrated

Your level of hydration affects every single aspect of your body’s performance. It especially affects how efficiently your muscles operate during physical activity. Since the groin is heavily used in almost every sport, being hydrated is especially important when it comes to avoiding straining this group of muscles. By being well hydrated, you prevent the groin from being stiff during exercise. This goes a long way in reducing your risk for injury.
Regardless of what you do to prevent it, groin injuries are always a possibility. That is why it is so important to listen to your body. If you feel a slight strain in the groin, you should immediately lower the intensity of your workout or stop all together.