arrowhead11This December, we’ve selected our patients as our athletes of the month. We see all of our patients as athletes, no matter the age, injury or athletic ability.
While injuries can be very difficult to overcome, we see how dedicated all of our patients are to getting better. We also know how hard it can be to push yourself to make it in for your appointment; especially because you know how painful it can be and how much work it can take.
cavecreek9So, this month we dedicate to our patients for all of their hard work.
“We treat many patients with everything from sprained ankles to joint replacement to torn ACLs to you name it,” the Center’s founder, Tom Bratcher, said. “Our patients work very hard to recover, which makes our jobs rewarding and what pushes us to come in every day to help them.”
To all of our patients, keep it up and thanks for your dedication to getting better!