player145947This May, our Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Josh Petchel, selected Emma Rock as our Athlete of the Month.
Emma is 15 years old and a sophomore at Pinnacle High School. She plays Libero for the Alliance Volleyball Academy and is also captain of her team.
Emma has been playing organized volleyball for the past seven years, and has been training at the Center for the past year. Before she trained with us, she went through physical therapy due to compartment syndrome.
“Emma is always working hard and has improved immensely over the past year with us,” Josh said. “If hard work pays off, then easy work is worthless. Emma brings this mentality, day-in and day-out.”
Emma played for Team USA in her age group at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.
She has also been selected in the Top 40 in the Nation for her age group in volleyball.
She has a 4.67 GPA at Pinnacle High School and her favorite workout is Turkish Get-Ups.