This February, Chris McGovern, Sports Performance Director at our Arrowhead location, chose Bailey Church as our Athlete of the Month.
Bailey has been competing in track and field for the past three years. “I like pushing myself and knowing it’s only me who can get better and I don’t have anyone else to blame for my mistakes,” Bailey said.
She has been training with Chris for the past four months and her strength and speed have improved tremendously.
“Bailey has put a lot of hard work in over the last 5 months and is an exemplary athlete at the Arrowhead facility,” Chris said. “Her improvements show other athletes what is possible if you put in the work and stay consistent. She will have a successful track season this year if she puts in the effort at practice that she has put in while training with me.”
Bailey’s favorite event is pole vault and her dream is to compete for ASU or NAU.
In her free time, Bailey likes to spend time with her family and volunteer at the hospital. She would like to work in the medical field when she gets older.
Her favorite thing about track and field is the success you see at the end. Her least favorite thing is having the seniors leave because she looks up to them and they inspire her.
Her favorite track and field athlete is her friend Maram because she pushes her.
Some of the awards she’s won include MVP, most dedicated athlete, and an academic sports award.