All Of Your Physical Therapy and Fitness Needs
Here at The Center for Athletic Performance and Physical Therapy, we offer a wide variety of services. If you’re coming back from injury or simply training to better yourself, we can help. Since being founded in 2003, our mission statement hasn’t changed. CAPPT offers an affordable, premier physical therapy and performance clinic that our patients can rely on to achieve their highest level of performance.
All of our physical therapists are licensed and board certified and will provide a personalized approach to your recovery. Each patient’s medical and physical history is assessed regardless if you are recovering from surgery, experiencing chronic pain or have a sports or work related injury. Our therapists will work with your physician to create a compressive treatment strategy for success to return to your regular lifestyle.
Our Physical Therapy Program Features:

  • Assessment and correction of athletic mechanics
  • Gait/running mechanics
  • Orthotic Fitting
  • Sport and position specific rehabilitation
  • Athletic injury evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical Rehab and Pre-surgery “Prehab”
  • After care preventative programs
  • Digital biomechanical analysis
  • General Orthopedics

Maybe you’re not injured at all. Maybe you are an athlete looking to maximize your potential to reach your highest sports goals possible! Fortunately for you, at CAPPT, we offer Sports Performance Training programs for virtually any sport. If you’re looking to improve your bat speed in baseball, build strength and power for basketball or increase agility and balance in soccer, CAPPT is here to help. “Train with the best, to be the best.” All skill levels are welcomed. Our individualized programs are set to prepare you for an upcoming season, keep you sharp during the off-season or simply keep you consistently moving forward during season. If you’re training for your high school season, college prep or even at the professional level, we are here to help. Our programs will put you on a direct route to improving all your strength and conditioning needs and goals at our facilities.
Not only do we offer individual sports performance programs, but also we offer clubs and teams our Agility Balance Speed Strength Stamina (ABSSS) program. If your team is looking to improve as a unit, this is a perfect program to get everyone improving at the same pace for success during actual competition.
The ABSSS is:

  • A tool for teams and clubs to minimize injuries and maximize participation with the overall intention to improve athletic abilities
  • A program designed specifically for your club or team that utilizes full team sessions at the Center or at your fields

With this program we will:

  • Evaluate the teams current training program
  • Implement functional and sports specific testing
  • Develop new team training goals and programming based on our analysis
  • Analyze and reduce injury patterns
  • Organize season periodization/peaking plan
  • Coordinate practice conditioning for integration into your club, team or coach’s practice sessions

If you’re simply looking to better your overall health and athletic knowledge, CAPPT offers Life Performance training as well. Our FIT program was developed to improve the general populations overall wellness and at an affordable rate. Once you have met with one of our fitness experts, a monthly, customized individual program will be created for you as well as unlimited access to the facility. This is especially a great program for a patient who was recently discharged from our physical therapy program. It provides a safe, comfortable place to make sure you are progressing at the right speed into full activity.
If you’re looking for something a little more personal and private, CAPPT also offers Personal Training for that one-on-one individualized feel. You will be teamed up with one of our nationally certified trainers who will create a smart and challenging workout program for you and be with you every step of the way. Not only will our trainers be there with you to provide motivation, but they will also educate you on different exercises and their purposes. Our trainers will help you work out safer and ensure that every exercise is done as effectively and efficiently as possible. Especially if you have a reoccurring weakness that needs to be monitored or worked around, our trainers are ready to adhere to your needs. Regular scheduling will help keep you accountable and consistent with your workouts, not falling into any ruts. But most importantly, here at CAPPT we simply want to see you achieve the goals you set out for yourself and watch the growth and success.
On the less demanding side, CAPPT offers Message Therapy from our licensed, in-house therapists. Recovering from injury is never easy, but massage therapy can provide a relaxing and stress-free setting to help rejuvenate and rehabilitate your muscles after working out.
Benefits of Professional Massage Therapy:

  • Relieve neck and back pain
  • Ease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase joint flexibility and comfort
  • Reduce adhesions and swelling after surgery or injury
  • Reduce spasms and cramping
  • Improve circulation

Improving your health through fitness shouldn’t be the only motivation to a healthier lifestyle. Our bodies deserve to be at their prime at all times during the year and with a combination of the proper elements in your food intake, it will help sustain your healthy activity and life goals.  CAPPT has the qualified Registered Dietitians that can help specify a nutrition program for you.
Nutrition Consolations includes:

  • Identify positives and negatives of your current nutritional intake
  • Realize your nutritional requirements for your specific lifestyle
  • Developed a personalized plan built around your needs

Finally, CAPPT is always offering classes and seminars to help educate whoever is thirsty for knowledge. This month we are offering a three-day Triathlete and Running Seminar. We will have a special guest line-up of presenters:

  • Hear from pro-athlete and founder of MovementU, Jessi Stensland, about proper running techniques.
  • Learn the psychology behind the sports with Dr. Jim Afremow; AASP, ACA, APS
  • Dynamic Multisport Founder Russell Jacobs will educate the importance of blood lactate, sweat testing, and much more
  • Know exactly how to fuel your body pre/during/post race day and throughout your training with sports dietitian Chrissy Barth
  • Fleet Feet will be there showcasing how important picking the right shoe is and what it all entails! They’ll also be offering discounts to their store!

With everything CAPPT has to offer, call today with any questions or to schedule an appointment to see if we are the right fit for you!