Top Exercises for Your Back

Everyone knows that it is important to work out and stay fit in order to live longer and stay healthy. However, if you are prone to back injuries or have had back injuries in the past, you have to be careful during your workouts in order to avoid injury. Luckily, there are several things you can do to avoid injury and have a successful workout. Below are our five top tips for avoiding a back injury during your next workout!

Start with the Warm Up

With any part of the body, an important key to avoiding injury is to make sure that you start your workout with a warm up. Start with gentle, easy movement that gets the blood flowing. When your muscles are warmed up, you are less prone to injury throughout your workout. Dynamic warm ups, such as supine bridges, avoid stress on the back but help warm up the muscles.

Stretch It Out

In addition to beginning your workout with a warm up, stretching before and after your workout will help avoid injury. Using a foam roller to stretch out areas that are particularly tight is an effective way to keep the muscles loose. Do this before and after your workout to avoid the nagging aches and pains that can linger after a strenuous workout.

Know Your Limitations

The best way to avoid injury during a workout, hands down, is to listen to your body and know your limitations. If you are prone to back injuries, you want to work out the area to help build up muscle strength. Using lighter weights or doing fewer reps will help build muscle without putting too much strain on the area. If you begin to feel pain, stop the exercise immediately.

Hire a Pro

If you are particularly concerned about avoiding a workout injury, the best thing is to hire a personal trainer. They can customize a routine to fit your specific fitness needs, including strengthening your back without injuring it. A personal trainer can teach you stretches and exercises that will increase your fitness level without injury. You can hire a personal trainer for one session to learn tips and tricks, or work with them long term to ensure that your form is correct, avoiding injury.

Avoid Certain Exercises

Lastly, if you are prone to back injury, there are certain exercises that put unnecessary strain on the area and should be avoided altogether. Toe touches, sit-ups, and leg lifts all put too much stress on the back, particularly the lower back. Try partial crunches, wall sits, and hamstring stretches to get the same benefit without the risk of injury.
Avoiding a back injury during exercise is easy when you follow these five tips.