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Athletes generally put in the time to primarily work muscles like biceps, chest, and abs. There are hundreds of muscles in the body, all of which are just as important to pay attention to. It is common to leave out crucial muscles in a workout routine, so below are some of the most important muscles and axillary muscle groups that probably are not being worked out enough.

Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles that work together to stabilize the shoulder joint. When shoulder workouts are performed, the exercises generally focus on deltoids since it is the muscle group that contributes to shoulder size. However, a strong rotator cuff is key to avoiding shoulder injuries during exercise.

Erector Spinae

This axillary muscle group is crucial to overall strength and health, but is often overlooked. The erector spinae consists of multiple muscles and tendons in the lower back, extending to the middle of the back and beyond. It is the most crucial muscle group to a healthy posture.

Gluteus Medius and Minimus

The well-known gluteus maximus can’t reach its full potential without strong medius and minimus. These two smaller muscles lie above the gluteus maximus, working to stabilize the pelvis. They work hard in any activity that involves moving the legs, especially when climbing stairs and walking. Weak gluteus medius and minimus can put unnecessary strain on hips and the surrounding muscles.

Tibialis Anterior

This axillary muscle runs parallel to the shinbone and is crucial for everyday activities, like walking and running. It is essential to strengthen these muscles, especially for runners, because a weak tibialis anterior can result in shin splints. Exercising this overlooked muscle is the surest way to help avoid common injuries.


Many athletes try to tone up the abs by doing crunches. While crunches are a good abdominal exercise, they do not properly work the obliques. This axillary muscle runs down along the ribcage down to the pelvic area. They have a significant effect on posture, and are crucial in building the core.
These are just a few of the vital axillary muscle groups that do not get a great deal of attention during exercise. The best thing to do is to learn about the human body and muscles to stay balanced and healthy.