bodybuilding in the gym with a barbell

The best exercises are those that do not simply focus on building muscle, but increase the agility and explosiveness with which you use them. Working on both of these facets of your fitness is the surest way to maintain a healthy body and drastically increase your performance in future activities. The following are some of the best workouts to build strength and agility in your entire body.

Skater Plyos

This is a great full-body workout, which specifically focuses on your lateral agility. In order to perform this workout, you begin standing up. You then shuffle one step to your left landing on your outside leg. Absorb your landing by bending your outside leg and bringing your rear leg behind you. You then explode off of your outside leg, landing on the right leg and bringing the left leg behind you. Repeat this, laterally lunging back and forth. This goes a long way in increasing the strength and explosiveness in your legs.

Box Jumps

This is a very simple exercise that is very effective. Stand in front of a box that is about two feet high (really any height you are comfortable with). Begin by cocking your arms back and squatting slightly and then exploding off the ground landing gently on the box. Step back down and repeat the process.


This is one of the best and most difficult workouts you can perform. Grasp the pull-up bar with your palms facing away from you. Stick your chest out a bit and pull yourself up until your chest touches the bar and then lower yourself down. This activity employs countless muscles in your upper body, and by varying the speed at which you raise and lower yourself, you can greatly increase the agility with which these muscles operate.

Power Clean

This is an incredible exercise for building full-body power. Approach the barbell with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your back straight and knees bent as you begin to lift the bar. As the bar passes your knees, you press your hips against and extend your knees in order to “explode” the bar up, where you rest it on your shoulders (always keep your hands on the bar). Drop it back to the ground with control and repeat the process.

Ladder Drills

Simply laying a rope ladder on the ground provides for endless ways to improve your strength and your agility. You can do this by simply running across the length of the ladder, only placing a single foot between each rung. Get creative to find different ways to target muscles throughout your legs.
These are a couple of the most common exercises to build strength and agility, but there are virtually endless ways to accomplish this. Keep at it and manage your expectations and you are sure to see improvement.


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