Fifa-World-cup-2014-brazilThe FIFA World Cup 2014 is underway and soccer fans around the world have been glued to their TVs to watch the event. This year’s tournament is the 20th edition of the World Cup and is taking place in Brazil. It started on June 13th and the final game is scheduled for July 13th.
Here are some facts about the game:
1. It’s Brazil’s second time hosting The World Cup since 1950. It is staged in South America for the fifth time overall and the first time since it was played in Argentina in 1978.
2. Thirty-two countries are participating in the game – 31 countries that have advanced through qualifying competitions since June 2011. The 32nd team will be that of the host nation Brazil.
3. Sixty-four matches will be played during the event in 12 cities across Brazil. In some of the venues, including Sao Paulo, there were protests against the country spending about $11.3 billion on this soccer World Cup event, making it the most expensive tournament held yet.
4. For the first time, the World Cup Finals matches are using goal-line technology as well as the use of vanishing spray for free kicks.
5. All the world champion teams since the first FIFA World Cup (that was held in 1930) have qualified for the Brazil Soccer World Cup, including the host country, Argentina, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Uruguay. The defending champion is Spain, which had won its first World Cup final in 2010.